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Mac and Katherine met as 14 year olds at youth camp.  Years later, over a beer at Gnat’s Landing, they realized they were perfect for each other.  After converting together in 2000 at Easter Vigil, they moved to a small town and started a family.  Then, in 2006, Mac pushed Katherine into a chair and made her start talking into computer, and Catholic in a Small Town was born.  

When Katherine joined the Catholic Church at Easter Vigil 2000, she never would have imagined that being a Catholic podcaster was in her future.  But in 2006, she and her husband sat down at an iMac and started on a journey that led to relationships with people all over the world.  Chronicling life as a convert, a mom of four boys, a wife, and an ED nurse through the podcast is just the beginning.  There’s more to come!


Mac Barron is a gad-about-town. Born the son of an Alabama sharecropper, he first made a name for himself selling used toothbrushes to the US military while growing up in Blakely, GA (also known as the Peach State’s Armpit… or Peach Pit for short). He’s a librarian by trade, and a podcaster, aspiring author, brewer, and woodworker (still got all my fingers, Ma). He lives in an abandoned gold mine in north Georgia with his wife, four sons, and the best dog ever, Max.



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Catholic In A Small Town

In this weekly podcast, we talk about raising kids, Catholic issues, podcasts, and anything else that comes up.

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Spoiled With Mac and Katherine

Mac and Katherine Barron give you post-binge watching insights and reviews. If you love to get deep into the psychology of what you watch, this is the podcast for you.


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