May 25, 2020

Mac & Katherine head back to the airstream for a date trip, We loved The Gentlemen and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. We discuss how outfitting our sanctuaries for the pandemic might not be fitting or proper.

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The Gentlemen

A Beautiful Day in th...

May 19, 2020

Mother’s Day in South Georgia, Guys on the boat, Westworld disappoints, Shazam impresses, and we remind everyone to be charitable with online comments.

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Westworld Season 3



First Things (magazine)

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Sam’s new podcast


May 11, 2020

It’s a roadshow! Mac & Kat head south to visit Mac’s mom, Devs disappoints, Kat recommends Normal People with a big caveat. Also, we’re a physical people.

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Devs (Hulu)

Normal People (Hulu)

The Mighty Boosh

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Sam’s new podcast