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CST #528: Pagan Inflatables

Appliances are breaking down faster than Christmas lights in our Protestant neighborhood. We jump off Nakatomi Plaza with John McClain, get brainwashed by The Imagineering Story, and soar into the stratosphere with The Aeronautics. Also we talk about the temptations of autonomy and fake freedom.

Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

Die Hard (Blu-Ray)

The Imagineering Story (Disney+)

The Aeronauts (Amazon Prime)

Billy Newton’s Hermitage Go Fund Me Efforts

The Products we talk about

Greg and Jennifer’s Podcast

Mac’s book! Clueless in Galilee

My author page at Amazon

Please support us through Patreon

Find us on our website

Our libsyn page where you can find all our old episodes

Support Ben on his way to Europe here

Theme song by Mary Bragg.

Our other show: Spoiled! with Mac and Katherine

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