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CST #568: Sitting Room “Blues”

Ben turns 18, we host Thanksgiving, Mac remodels a room, Mac watches the Die Hard sage as Kat works her way through Michael O’Brien’s catalog and we marvel at the Christ-less vision of our holy father’s world view.

Movies & TV:

Die Hard 2: Die Harder (Hulu)

Die Hard with a Vengeance (Hulu)

Live Free or Die Hard (Hulu)


Plague Journal by Michael O’Brien

Eclipse of the Sun by Michael O’Brien

Let Us Dream by Pope Francis

This episode’s drink of the week:

Maple Ginger Bourbon

2oz Rye Bourbon

½ oz maple syrup

Next episode’s drink of the week:

Other great stuff:

Mac’s book! Clueless in Galilee

Find us on our website

Theme song by Mary Bragg.

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