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CST #659: “Laser”

Thanksgiving is upon us, Ben turns 20, Mac got a new shop toy and Jude turns into a moody teen. We’re not quite sure what to Make of the New Emily Blunt western drama series, The English. The Last Starfighter is a perfect, crappy-looking space adventure and Mortal Engines is an amazing-looking crappy story. Also, forgiveness


Drink a Tom & Jerry

Read The Darkness of Egypt by John Senior (essay published in The Restoration of Christian Culture)

Movies & TV:

The English (Prime)

For All Mankind Season 2 (Apple+)

Mortal Engines (Tubi)

The Last Starfighter (Google Play)


The Innocence of Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton

Other great stuff we like:

Mac’s book! Clueless in Galilee

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Theme song by Mary Bragg.

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