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Pre-Advent Week #2


1: Think about appointments that need to be made and make them!

Hair, Nails, Dentist, Doctor, Groomer for Dog

2: Plan a time for yard work to get done.

Put this on the calendar with kids/spouse or schedule with a yard company.

Don't forget the gutters! Living in the South we usually still have leaves in the yard at this

time. Yard work is NOT something I enjoy doing or thinking about. My husband actually

notices the yard more than I do. We can do it...but I always feel bad to suddenly burst in

on my kids at 10am on the Saturday before Christmas and yell “ more screens

until the yard looks decent!” (Whatever that actually means) Make a list with your

spouse of the ways you can make the outside of your house beautiful in preparation for

Christmas lights and wreaths.

3: Look over your Christmas string lights and purchase more if needed.

I am so bad at this. I wait until Dec 6th to put up my tree and by then all the lights at

Walmart are gone. Walmart has had strands of Christmas lights in the store since the

end of September. Think about your tree and lighting needs and go ahead and purchase

some extras. They can keep for next year if you don’t need them.

4: Think about your outside decorations. Plan and purchase new wreaths/bows if


Every year I pull out the old wreath that I've needed to get rid of forever...but by the time

the momentum of the season is upon me, I'm not interested in making any changes.

Take care of this now and get ready for crisp new decorations. Especially outside bows

and garland.

5: If available in the budget, schedule someone to come clean your house the week

before Christmas.

I usually do not have someone come and clean my house, but looking back on last year

what a blessing it would have been (and a Christmas gift for me!) if I had paid someone to

come and clean my bathrooms, kitchen and main living area just before the main event.

But I know from neighborhood message boards that everyone has the same idea! If

paying someone to come in won't work, go ahead and but that clean house day on the

calendar, then everyone knows it's coming and can chip in to help.

6: Keep working on those gift lists and begin your research/shopping

My kids are steady working on their Christmas lists and have their Nov. 3rd deadline.

We've also been talking as a family about what we'd like to make for teachers and

neighbors. I'm thinking maybe some homemade candles or Chocolate drizzled popcorn or

homemade hot cocoa, maybe all three! I've also been looking for good deals on

Christmas tins to package the gifts for easy grab and go.


Well, you have your marching orders! Get to preparing!



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