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Vacation Musings

I am a consummate vacation planner. I'm always planning our next vacation. My husband laughs at me, wonderingly. Today, when it started raining and I couldn't go swimming, which is what I was going to do with my afternoon, I decided to start planning next summer's vacation. After we were done with my questions about what he was looking for and not looking for in a vacation, he said, "So, what about the summer after next?" He was being funny, but I said, "Okay. Where do you want to go?" I'm always planning.

The end of this summer has been especially tedious for us. In the past few years we've decided not to do late July vacations because of the heat and the crowds. But what if we go somewhere that's NOT HOT? Then, instead of hating life and being cooped up like restless chickens the last two weeks of the summer, we could just go somewhere else.

Here's my (very sketchy) plan. A road trip, beginning two weeks before Mac has to go back to work. We'll head west on I-20, stopping just to sleep. We'll get to the Grand Canyon, which Mac has seen but none of the rest of us has. Stay for a couple of days there. I especially want to do some sort of star-gazing experience. Living in the city, we don't get to see a lot of stars. Then head north into the Rockies and find a house to stay in for a week. It should be within an hour's drive of adventure type fun stuff like kayaking, hiking, shows, history, etc.

Then, we can head north a little more and make a different route back home, maybe taking a little longer. This sounds fun and would give us something to look forward to at the end of the summer...instead of just more summer.

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