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November 15, 2019

Mac & Kat take on Beaufort, SC for an outdoor wedding, winter sits itself down, Disney+ hits big, and Mac has some thoughts on Exodus 90.

Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

The Mandolorian (Disney+)

Dr. Sleep

Biggest Little Farm (Hulu)


Billy Newton’s Hermitage Go Fund Me Efforts


November 7, 2019

We get to speak to an RCIA group, the big family camping trip rolls around again, Katherine catches up on scary online movies (Wounds & Eli), and an eyelash update gets emotional real quick for Katherine.

Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

Holiday in the Wild (Netflix)

Wounds (Hulu)


October 26, 2019

Kat takes the boys away for the weekend, comes home to find Mac clean-shaven and so colors her hair out of revenge. We really like Living With Yourself, Mac loves Till We Have Faces, and we look at what goes wrong when it becomes all about what we want.

Movies, TV, & Po...

October 18, 2019

Jude takes a tumble, mom has a health scare, we got a bed for cheap, Katherine works up a sweat playing Beat Saber, she and Sam have a little sympathy for Devil and we look at all kinds of spiritual implications of messing with your face.

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The Good...

October 11, 2019

We borrow mom’s boat just in time for the heat to break, Mac hits a United game with his men’s group, is able to finish The Dark Crystal series while Katherine has a “Scream” with Sam.

Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance

The Detour

Perfect Harmony